How It Works:


Pick an Area of Focus

You can choose a specific topic about which you want to learn words, or learn them in the order you’ll need to unlock more grammar points.

Learn Vocabulary & Kanji

Many of those starting on their Japanese study journey avoid Kanji out of fear, or overly focus on the reading as opposed to the meaning. Kotoba Kard’s unique three-part notecards ensure students learn both the reading and meaning of Kanji while building their vocabulary.

Spaced Repetition

Once a day you can “Test Your Knowledge” for the chance to earn points towards your mastery score for specific vocabulary words. Which vocabulary words are available to earn points toward will depend on your current mastery level. The higher your mastery level, the less frequently they show up.

Getting the kana and meaning correct gives you 2 points. If you don’t quite remember the reading of the Kanji, you can still get 1 point by getting the meaning correct.

Review All You Want

In addition to testing your knowledge each day, you can also choose to review specific words whenever you would like. Choose to review recently missed words, or choose to review words in an entire study topic.

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