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Learning Japanese Just Got Easier

No need for one app to learn vocabulary, another to learn grammar, and another to learn kanji. Kotoba Kards has everything you need to learn Japanese, all in one place. Grammar lessons have in depth explanations and example sentences are catered to your Japanese level—only including words and grammar points you’ve already learned so you can focus on understanding the new content. In addition, Kotoba Kards tailors content to focus on what you need to know to achieve your learning goals, whether that is passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or being able to watch Japanese media without subtitles.

Customized Learning

Kotoba Kards automatically picks words and grammar points you should learn next based on your overall learning goals. You set the pace for how much you want to learn at once. If you aren’t sure, Kotoba Kards will give you some recommendations!

Three Sided Notecards

Learn Kanji in addition to expanding your vocabulary with Kotoba Kards’s unique three-part notecards.

Vocabulary Words
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Grammar Points
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Mastery Levels

Advanced Placement Test

Already know some Japanese? Don’t waste your time studying vocabulary words and grammar points you already have down pat. Take a placement test to start focusing on learning things and solidifying existing ones.

Spaced Repetition

Kotoba Kards will increase or decrease how frequently you see different words and grammar review questions based on how often you get it correct to help ensure short and long term memorization.

Personalized Content

Example sentences and review questions for grammar points will only contain words you’ve already learned, making it easier to understand and master the grammar point.

Earn Points and Level Up

Getting words and grammar review questions correct will gain you points. Gain enough points and level up your mastery score for each vocabulary word and grammar point.

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